Print & Play English | Constellations Game to print

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Constellations is a game that explores multiple relationships. Alone, with friends, lovers or strangers, start the discussion on non-exclusivity, polyamory, monogamy and the relationship you have with your partners.

This Print & Play version includes:

- 1 booklet with the rules of the game and the glossary
- 1 Galaxy of Emotions
- 110 situation and interlude cards

All to print at home!

Rules of the game:

The game is easy to understand. You can play alone, with complete strangers or with your friends, your significant other(s) or whoever you want. Each of you pick a card and choose a situation or theme on it that will be the foundation of your exchange.

The galaxy of emotions is there to help you put your feelings into words, to help you express yourself or even just to aid you in understanding how you feel about certain things. Place your marker on the board and figure out how you feel.

You will see, every session of the game is full of surprises!